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Fringe Events

with thanks to our sponsors


The Fringe Events, sponsored by Aspall and Suffolk Coast & Heaths, are a series of activities which show case the field to fork principles, an ideal opportunity for local producers to promote their wares and unique opportunities for the public to either visit producers, explore the countryside or have new dining experiences.Over the past few years the fringe events have varied from cheese making to butchery demonstrations, progressive dinners to farm walks, talks and themed menus at pubs and restaurants across the whole of Suffolk.  Each year seems to inspire more local producers to join in;  the events truly highlight  the diversity and quality of the area’s food and drink to both visitors and residents.  All fringe events are detailed below or, can be downloaded as a PDF file here (5 MB)

The Fringe Events will continue for a fortnight after the main Festival weekend so if you wish to join in and host a fringe event, then don’t delay and sign up now! If you feel inspired but don’t know where to start then please do not hesitate to contact Jenny Loyd, the Festival Organiser, for some ideas or advice.  They might be able to put some of you in touch with one another to create a joint event?

All 2013 fringe events are detailed below.

No events to show