Fifth Quarter Dinner

  05th October 2018 07:00 pm - 05th October 2018 10:00 pm

‘CELEBRATE THE FIFTH QUARTER’ - A VERY SPECIAL DINNER IN THE CONCERT HALL RESTAURANT AT SNAPE MAlTINGS , 5TH OCTOBER, 2018 at 7.15pm - With Chef, Peter Harrison, Salter & King Craft Butcher and Seckford Wines - In association with The Aldeburgh Food & Drink Festival - Supporting ‘Compassion in World Farming’

WHY? If we choose to eat meat, it follows that we should have respect for the living creatures bred for our table. We should do our best to know their provenance, so we can be confident that their shortened lives were comfortable and that the manner in which those lives were taken was humane. We are also obliged to eat as much of the animal as possible, so nothing is wasted or thrown away. If we fail to do so, or we elect to ignore from whence our meat comes, we are disrespecting the animal and deluding ourselves. We are also stepping away from our responsibilities to sustainability. Fish are more than fish fingers. Pigs are more than bacon rashers and cows are more than steaks. This is why it’s important – ethically and morally - that we all eat more offal. Fortunately, the ‘Fifth Quarter’ can deliver truly delicious food experiences: all it takes is imaginative cooking and an open mind. WHAT'S HAPPENING? Suffolk chef Peter Harrison is teaming up with award-winning butcher Salter & King and Seckford Wines - one of the Britain’s leading merchants of fine and rare wines - to present a special evening celebrating the very best of the Fifth Quarter. Peter is set to provide some exquisite canapés followed by a three course dinner, while Seckford Wines will be matching his food with a selection of excellent wines from their massive portfolio. And of course, with all the meat sourced from free-range, organic or small-scale farmers by Gerard King of Salter & King, you can be confident that your special meal will only feature the best, slow-grown ingredients. See the finalised menu on our dedicated Facebook page or on the Fifth Quarter page on Tickets (including wines) are £75 per head, which includes a £5 donation to the charity ‘Compassion in World Farming’. We have limited capacity, so early booking is recommended.