Build your own IceCream

  06th October 2018 10:30 am - 06th October 2018 11:00 am

We've been opening our doors to excited children and adults alike for 5 years, opened by Minty in summer 2014. Utilising a university grant scheme to realise my icedreams, the idea came from a similar chain in Australia that i visited during my gap year. It's been a great experience from idea development to the planning process; creating a business plan and involving myself in a dragons den style process to receive the funding, and finally implicating my designs in the shop.

We have over 20 flavours of local Suffolk Meadow ice cream: produced just down the Suffolk coast by the Manning family, they believe happy cows make for better ice cream, using fresh ingredients to produce flavors from seasonal to exotic.

Our range of chocolate is extensive, we've got all your childhood favourites. From twix to turkish delight we've got you covered, we also have fresh fruits, nuts & homemade specialities.

Finally we take the icecream, crush up the chocolate bar on our frozen plate (a chilling -18). Using our special paddles (or ice cream hammers as they are affectionately known) we crush up your chosen chocolate bar and fold it into your ice cream.

With over 500 different combinations, your imagination is your only limitation.

Activity description:

Become an IceCreamist and build your own IceCream. Choose from our selection of local ice creams, pick one of your favourite childhood chocolate bars. Then take a turn on our frozen plate, using our special paddles to crush up your chocolate bar and fold it into your ice cream. The possibilities are endless!!

Price is per person; The morning includes your ice cream, mix in, and specialist Ice Cream training!!

Sessions run for 15 minutes at 10.30am, 10.45am and 11am