Exciting New Podcasts by Hugo Harrison

For many years Suffolk has been famed for its beautiful and diverse countryside. In the last decade, however, attention has turned to another of the county’s assets – food.

The Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival has been a keen supporter and exhibitor of Suffolk’s evolving culinary circuit, but a lot has changed in the event’s ten-year history. There is now not only a growing number of quality food outlets but an increasing list of artisan producers, too.

A flourishing interest in food, and where it comes from, has been witnessed nationwide, but in Suffolk an inspirational group of people are sewing the seeds for a diverse and fruitful future.

In 2013, a cast of second generation farmers, cheese makers, bakers and butchers formed the Young Producers group. This platform, on which emerging and established young food producers meet, allows them to collaborate and discuss the challenges they face and the successes they’ve enjoyed.

Throughout the day and night, in hazy smokehouses and on vast fields, the Young Producers are creating food of an un-paralleled quality. In most cases, however, their voices are never heard – until now.

As part of the Aldeburgh Food & Drink Festival’s tenth anniversary, I will be discussing, investigating and sharing the stories of some of Suffolk’s Young Producers in a series of ten festival podcast episodes.

Each week you will be able to come behind the scenes, and meet those that make some of the county’s finest produce. We’ll travel from a bakery that’s changing the landscape in British chocolate to a butcher whose bacon packs a punch. You can subscribe here where episodes will be published each Sunday in the lead up to the festival, beginning on August 2nd.

You can also follow me on Twitter here (@hugo_harrison) for a collection of interviews, photographs and recipes from the producers that I meet along the way. 


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