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Festival season will soon be upon us. But if the words “festival food” conjure up images of undercooked burgers and dodgy noodles while hiding from the rain at Glastonbury or queuing for lavatories at Reading, you could be in for a surprise.

The past five years have seen an explosion in popularity of dedicated food festivals, with events celebrating US-style barbecue, veganism and street food joining established festivals like Abergavenny, Aldeburgh and Ludlow on the foodie calendar.

Food festivals are “more popular than ever”, says Frances Hopewell-Smith, director of the Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival. “People’s awareness of where their food comes from has increased enormously and food festivals allow us to reconnect with the people who produce it and the land from where it comes, so it’s hardly surprising they are on the increase.”

Aldeburgh, held in Suffolk in September, is now in its 11th year, having hit on a winning formula of producer stalls, appearances from credible chefs (José Pizarro, Olia Hercules and Thomasina Miers were three of last year’s names), and masterclasses in everything from Middle Eastern baking to wild-food foraging.

Aldeburgh, held in Suffolk in September, is now in its 11th year

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