Wild Suffolk

Saturday 23rd September

10am – Little Earth Project – Micro Brewery 
11am – Mike Warner (East Coast Avocet) – In praise of Lobster
12pm – Jose Souto – Our first Wild Suffolk ‘Chef in Residence’
1pm – Mike Jones (Station Hotel Framlingham) - Wild Duck Masterclass
2pm – Food Writers Question Time
3pm – Galton Blackiston,The humble rabbit
4pm – The ‘Shrimp-off’ competition 

Sunday 24th September

10am – Vivia Bamford -  Foraging in Wild Suffolk
11am – Steve Tricker (Truly Traceable) – ‘A Passion for Deer’ in conjunction with Jose Souto
12pm – Nick Attfield - ‘A Suffolk Seafood Paella’ 
1pm – Mark Howard & Roger Aston ‘The Gamekeeper & The Chef’
2pm – Emma Crowhurst – The joy of game cooking
3pm – Grand Finale! – ‘The Partridge Pluck-off’